Zoomol Zenco Trac is a high-performance fluid specially formulated with Group II base oils and high-performance anti-wear & extreme pressure additives for use in tractors and off-road equipment's where a common lubricants reservoir serves transmission, final drives & hydraulic systems. Its offer the following benefits: -

  • Highest wear protection from start-up and throughout the operative period.  
  • Enhanced corrosion protection properties.  
  • Excellent low and high temperature performance eliminates friction sludge problems 
in all conditions.

Zoomol Zenco Trac meets the requirement of API GL-4 SAE 80W.

Zoomol Zenco Trac is recommended and suitable for wet break application in Tractors models of all the leading OEM’s and other manufacturer of Tractors and construction & mining equipment's where such type of oil is recommended.