Zoomol RForce Agri Power 15W-40 is a premium quality diesel engine oil engineered for off-road BS III / BS III-A engines of all type of Tractors for both Wetland as well as Dryland conditions. Its offer the following benefits:

  • 40%* extra power in Wetland / Dryland farming. 
  • 2 Times* heat protection in continuous field operations. 
  • Longer oil drain interval i.e. up to 650** hours. 
  • 55%* cleaner piston. 
  • Almost double* Viscosity control to reduce the oil thickening due to soot loading.  
  • Significant reduction in corrosion in extreme wetland farming conditions. 

Zoomol RForce Agri Power 15W-40 meets the requirement of API CI-4 and is recommended for use in all the farm tractors manufactured by major OEMs where such type of oil is recommended.            

*Based on Oil Performance evaluation against industry test limits.

**Based on Oil drain interval validation through limited field trials. Please refer OEM manual for the recommended drain period.