Zoomol RForce 4100 15W-40 is a high-performance diesel engine oil formulated with superior quality Group II base oils and state of the art performance additives.

Zoomol RForce 4100 15W-40 has been specially formulated to provide superior engine protection for high output, low emission diesel engine meeting Bharat IV emission standards especially in engine using Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) for outstanding control of viscosity increase due to soot loading.

Zoomol RForce 4100 15W-40 is eminently suitable for extended drain interval in transport fleet and off-road application and can also be used in older vehicles confirming Bharat standard I, II and III emission standards. It offers the following benefits 

  • Recommended drain interval up to 50,000kms* under standard operating conditions.
  • Efficiently reduces engine wear and controls deposits.
  • Excellent wear protection of bearings and valve train components.
  • Outstanding controls of viscosity thickening due to soot loading.

Zoomol RForce 4100 15W-40 meets the requirements of API CI-4 Plus/SL SAE 15W-40. 

Zoomol RForce 4100 API CI-4 is recommended for use in heavy and light commercial vehicles and other equipment’s manufactured by leading OEM's recommending engine oil confirming to the above-mentioned specification.

*Based on Oil drain interval validation through limited filed trials. Please refer OEM manual for recommended drain interval.