Zoomol PSO 20W-40 is a specially designed engine oil suitable for use in Pump-set and Gen set. It has been formulated with high quality base oil and fortified with performance additive for better trouble-free performance.Zoomol PSO 20W-40 offers the following benefits.

  • Better engine protection keeps engine parts clean and ensure longer engine life.
  • Reduces oil consumption there by reduces maintenance cost
  • Extended drain interval up to 350 hours* under normal operation conditions. However please refer OEM manual for actual drain interval.
Zoomol PSO 20W-40 meets the requirement of API CC/SC.Zoomol PSO 20W-40 is recommended for use in small Pump-set & Gen-set engine and all small machinery where such type of oil is recommended.*Based on Oil drain interval validation through limited field trials. Please refer OEM manual for the recommended drain period.