Zoomol CNG Plus 20W-50 is a premium multi-grade engine oil with Heat Reduction Technology*, specially developed for use in CNG/ LPG as well as petrol and diesel engines to keep environment clean and green. 

Zoomol CNG Plus 20W-50 offers following benefits: - 

  • Provides superior engine protection in high temperature conditions and keeps the engine cool.
  • Keeps engine parts clean, reduces wear and ensures longer engine life.
  • Long Drain interval up to 10000 km* in selected vehicles only under normal operating condition. However please refer OEM manual for recommended drain interval for oil change.

Zoomol CNG Plus 20W-50 meets the requirement of API SF/CD.

Zoomol CNG Plus 20W-50 is recommended for use in Auto Rickshaws, Cars and Taxis running on CNG, LPG, petrol and diesel.

*Based on Oil drain interval validation through limited field trials. Please refer OEM manual for the recommended drain period.