Zoomol 4T 20W-40 is a 4-stroke engine oil specially formulated with superior performance additive to ensure better protection to engine & gear component and provide smooth driving experience in 4 stroke bikes. 

Zoomol 4T 20W-40 offers following benefits: - 

  • Keeps engine parts clean, longer engine life
  • Reduce engine internal friction to minimum.
  • Provide better pick-up and smooth drivability.
  • Long drain interval up to 6000 km* under normal operation condition. However please refer OEM manual for actual drain interval.

Zoomol 4T 20W-40 meets the requirement of API SL & JASO MA2. 

Zoomol 4T 20W-40 is recommended for use in all 4 stroke motorcycles and scooters where such type of oil is recommended.

*Based on Oil drain interval validation through limited field trials. Please refer OEM manual for the recommended drain period.