KYROS CORROBAN DW SERIES solvent-based rust preventives are intended for indoor & outdoor storage protection of ferrous metals. Formulated from superior protective ingredients and selected solvents, KYROS CORROBAN DW SERIES on evaporation, leave on treated parts, a thin waxy barrier film that provides six to twelve months of indoor protection under normal storage conditions. The film can be readily cleaned prior to downstream processing of parts. KYROS CORROBAN DW SERIES have powerful water displacing properties and are free from barium and heavy metals. KYROS CORROBAN DW SERIES are unaffected by dragged-in acids and alkalis and are economical in use. Depending on requirements, a suitable KYROS CORROBAN DW SERIES product can be selected to have flash point from 40 to 55 deg. C or more, thereby providing lower volatile organic contents (VOC) as compared to most solvent-based products.